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Frequently Asked Questions

questions fréquemment posées

Where does auction take place?

Travel back in time to the Golden Age of Paris as we bid and dance the night away at The Crystal Ballroom in the Rice Hotel. For location click HERE.

Are my donations, sponsorships & bids tax deductible?

Yes!  The Rummel Creek Elementary PTA is a 501 (c)(3) organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please retain a copy of all documents for your tax records

What are the funds raised from auction used for?

Part of what makes Rummel Creek so special are the schools robust enhancements.  Due to the Robin Hood Program in the state of Texas our district (SBISD) are directly impacted (see other FAQ for more on Robin Hood). The funds raised from auction go directly to the PTA.  These funds are used for teacher specialist salaries, technology enhancements, technology equipment (iPads, laptops & computers), school structural enhancements and more. In short, these dollars are vital to setting Rummel Creek apart from many other schools.

Will food & drinks be served?

Yes of course!  We want to make auction fun and in honor of this year's theme you are sure to find plenty of cocktails, champagne and a full cash bar.  There will also be plenty of light bites.

What do I wear?

Dressing up is part of what makes auction so fun and this year we are moving the event back indoors for an elegant formal event.  Travel in time to the Golden Age of Paris.  Think evening gowns and suits. Click HERE for ideas.

How do I become a donor or sponsor?

We are so excited you want to help!  Please complete the form site under the "Contact Us" tab OR click HERE .

What is recapture?

The Robin Hood Act in the State of Texas has continually reduced funding for Spring Branch ISD and in turn, Rummel Creek Elementary.  This act “recaptures” taxpayer dollars which go into the state's general fund allowing the state to spend elsewhere what should be education dollars for the school. Recapture payments from SBISD’s taxpayers will total about $37 million this year, or twice the amount of total funding that the district receives from the State of Texas.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We never want to turn away dollars so we have conveniently set up payments by checks, credit cards (keep in mind we do pay a CC fee) & PayPal.

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