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Lissette Jenkins


Bonjour! I am Lissette Jenkins. I am married to Daniel Jenkins and we are parents to Sofia (4th grade) and Hudson (Kinder).  My background is in marketing, advertising, home design, and I also ran a homebuilding company.  My newest adventure is travel planning.  I like a challenge so this is my second year chairing the auction!  I am also a board member on the PTA so say hi if you see me on campus.  I love all things food, travel, cocktails, art, and music so this year's theme is a dream!

Elena Mischon


Hello!  My name is Elena (pronounced like Ellen-a) Mischon.  This is my last year at RCE but I am so excite to be volunteering for my fourth auction.  My daughter, Claire, is in 5th grade and my other daughter, Ryland, is now in 6th grade at Cornerstone.  Looking to make this the biggest and best auction yet!

Cantley Family.jpg

Alyssa Linton


Hi! I'm Alyssa Linton and I have boy/girl twins in 2nd grade. We moved into the neighborhood in July of 2019. I work in Operations for Memorial Hermann. I have been married to Jason for 13 years. We have lived in Houston for 10 years and are originally from Florida. This is my second year to work on the auction and I excited to help!

Amanda Cantley


Hi!  I'm Amanda Cantley and we have Elle in 3rd grade and Weston in 1st grade.  My background is in fundraising, community outreach and event planning.  I also run a gift box company, The Bash Box Co.  Some of my favorite things are spending time with God, family and friends, Bible study, running, planning parties, reading, volunteering, and Christmas time!  This will be my second year helping out with the auction.

Catherine Henry.jpg

Aranza Simpson

Décor Assistant

Hello! My name is Aranza Simpson and I will be helping Celeste with all things décor for our upcoming Auction. We have lots of fun things planned so if you want to join Celeste and I, please reach out. The more creative minds we have working together, the better!

My husband, Oliver, and I have 4 kids at RCE. Antonia (5th), Valentina and Nicolas (2nd) and finally Francesca (1st). We love this tight knit community that makes parenting and learning so much fun. I have had the opportunity to spend many hours at the school helping with various activities and have witnessed first-hand all the love and attention these kids receive. So excited to help raise money for our school while also making memories with friends!

Catherine Henry

School Liaison - Naming Rights

Hi RCE. My name is Catherine Henry, and I have a 5th grade boy, William, and a 2nd grade girl, Grace. We just moved back to RCE after spending the last two and a half years in Pittsburgh, PA. My husband, Mike, is in oil and gas, so we have moved quite a bit. We are so excited to be back and look forward to meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones. We are looking forward to a great auction!


Celeste Rudolph


I am thrilled to participate as the co-chair for the 2023 RCE Auction decor team! My name is Celeste Rudolph and I am married to a local prince, Tygue Rudolph (he is going to “love” having this published). My husband and I have three children at RCE (Jaxon-8, Isabella-6, and Victoria-5), two kitty-cats (Buddy and Shadow), and two of those frogs from Learning Express Toys.

I spent over a decade in Corporate America, as a civil engineer and project manager for one of North America's leading energy infrastructure companies, before retiring in 2014 for the joys (and terrors) of managing a household. During my time in the business world, I offset the mundane atmosphere with my expressive wardrobe, hair, and makeup. Now, when I’m not busy with family, I enjoy interior design and décor, Pilates, baking, gardening, time with my sisters, and caring for animals.

Gaby Morales


Hi!  I'm Gaby Morales.  My husband, Carlos and I, along with our boys, Carlos (2nd) and Alex (Kinder) have been in the neighborhood since 2017.  I left my job as a CPA to become a full time mom when my eldest was born and I love being involved in our school and community!  I look forward to being part of the auction committee and helping plan some fun parties!


Jessi McBrayer


Hi I'm Jessi! I have been married to Wes for 13 years and we have two awesome daughters - Emily (4th grade) and Kate (2nd grade). We have lived in the neighborhood since 2018 and have enjoyed making new friends, getting involved in the community and going to fun auction parties and on great auction trips!

Sarah Foss


Sarah Foss is a native Houstonian. She and her husband Todd (a former Rummel Creek Roadrunner), have a son, Matthew, in third grade and a daughter, Grace, in second grade at RCE. Her day job is the global head of legal analysis for a media company but she is also a full-time sports mom. She is very active in the local community community and both she and her husband are members of the SBMSA Football Board.


Summers Halgren

Catalogue & Technology

I am Summers Halgren and am excited to help with the 2023 auction! This is our family's 7th year at RCE, now with a son in 5th grade and a daughter in 3rd grade. My husband Chris and I are Baylor college sweethearts and have made Houston our home for the past 15 years.  I love to spend time with my family, friends and neighbors, especially outdoors with a glass of wine in hand!

Alice Morgan

School Liaison - Art Project

We moved to Houston in July 2018, relocating from Lincoln, England. We were excited for a new adventure - not knowing much about what was in store for us but ready to jump in all the same. We have not been dissapointed! Life has been fun (except for the mosquitos) - between sports, socialising, exploring the Texas highlights and neighbouring States. Both kids have come up through the RCE ranks - Emily is now is 4th and Oliver in 3rd. RCE has provided such a warm and welcoming environment. Being part of the Auction team will be a great way to help give back - and to party!


Kristi Bell


Hi! I'm Kristi Bell.  I'm married to Bobby Bell and we have two daughters, Kayden in 4th and Blakely in 1st.  We are still pretty new to RCE and this is my first year helping with the auction.  We have loved joining this community and being a part of RCE.  Normally you can find me on the tennis court or watching my girls play sports!  When we do have a free weekend from sports I love to explore new places or stay home and enjoy on of Bobby's wine pairing dinners!  I am really looking forward to this year's auction!

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